Friday, December 9, 2016

What Ways Can I Use Technology in My Classroom?

As I was looking through articles, I found one all about the different ways I could incorporate technology in my classroom. 

1. Do A Powerpoint "Game Show Review" 
This is actually one I have seen many of my professors or previous teachers use. It's useful and informative and it's easy to make. You can use different templates online for different types of games like "Jeopardy", "Who Wants to be a Millionare?" and more. 

2. Webquest
After using a webquest in my educational technology design class, I feel as if students are able to get a lot out of either creating one, or getting information from one. They are extremely informative, and they do not take that long to make. 

3.Create a Class Blog or Wiki
This could be for either my students or myself. I could create a blog for the parent's to see what we did in class that day, or to get information on upcoming events we are having in school. I could also have the students create one for an assignment during a unit. 

4. Listen to or Create a Podcast
This could be extremely beneficial for students. Like I said before, during a unit I could assign them a topic or even a person, and I could have them go out and find a podcast on that person. Using that information, or even information from the internet, I could have them create their own podcast regarding what they are learning. 

5. Develop Multimedia Presentations
Instead of myself creating every presentation, I could have the students do it. If we are working on a unit and I wanted to create a game, I could assign each student one topic and they would have to create 5 questions they would want to see on the test. After that, I would have them collaborate all together and create a final review and present it to the class.

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